A swimming pool adds extra charm to recreational activities. Whenever you want to relax, you can simply swim here and get some sunlight. Such enjoyable moments are precious and heavenly. Although, if the swimming pool is not clean, it can lower down your mood and fun. The algae and bacteria can make your pool dirty. This is where you need to act immediately. A swimming pool should be clean enough to enjoy happy moments.

Here are some tips that swimming pool owners can follow on how to clean a green swimming pool:

Attack Algae

The first step is to kill off the algae and bacteria. For this, you can take up chemical treatment. Cleaning kits are available in the market. Go with the top kits. Washing the surface also helps a lot in clearing up the pool.

Go for a Skimmer Net

Secondly, the junk of debris needs to be cleaned off. A net, especially a skimmer net, can do wonders in this regard. Initially, they will stir up the entire debris. This might give an ugly look to your pool. Well, wait, you don’t need to worry. It will settle down within one hour. You can clog the skimmer net. Also, try to analyze the depth of debris. Filter it and clean those underground pipes, too.

Know Alkaline Level of Your Pool

As an owner, you must take care of your swimming pool. Check the pH level, acidity, and alkalinity levels in your water. The pool water must meet the desired pH range. Then only, you get clear water. 

Regulate Filter System

The filter system plays a major role in the cleaning of the pool. You must everyday filter and backwash the pool for superb results. Keep clogging, and filtering till you achieve freedom from the cloudy water of the pool. Do not worry. This is quite normal in cleaning a green swimming pool. 

Hire a Swimming Pool Contractor

Our team of experts suggests a capable swimming pool contractor. Since they are skilled and have vacuuming equipment. Definitely, they will clean the pool better and incorporate better methods to let the pool be clean for a long time.

Chlorination of Pool in Different Ways

Adding the required amount of chlorine always remains an effective method. Well, you can entirely shock the pool in chlorine. Or, you can put some chlorine tablets in the pool. In either way, you find it apt to clean your green swimming pool.

Pool Water Chemistry

You can read on basics and gain some understanding of pool water troubleshooting. This will give you a better insight into how to clean a green swimming pool on an everyday basis. Do not leave the water to stagnate till long in the pool. This stagnant water will not only allow the growth of bacteria and algae but also infections.

We hope that this article will be helpful to you in keeping your pool clean for a long time. Filter properly, and keep cleaning the pool frequently. Now, have great swimming and fun in the pool. The clear and clean water will submerge you deeper and your pool will always attract you.

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