A clean and stain-free toilet without any stains really looks wonderful. The yellowish urine-stained toilet can be really awful. Such displeasure can spoil your mood as well as your day. 

That is why we are here, with simple tips to help you clean the toilet seat:

Whitening the toilet Seat

No more Cómo Blanquear La Tapa del Inodoro can disappoint you. Because our simple yet effective tips will help keep your toilet seat clean and hygienic. Also, you do not worry much. It is a very easy task, and you can do it yourself. As a homeowner, devote some time to cleanliness and make your toilet seat shining.

What do you need to keep the toilet seat shining and clean?

Be ready with the following to remove hard stains:
  •     Bleach
  •     Rubber Glove
  •     Toilet brush
  •     Vinegar
  •     Baking Soda
  •     Bucket
  •     Bathroom Cleaner
  •     Old Toothbrush

Let’s have a quick brief on the cleaning methods:

Before moving ahead, be ready with the items required. Then only, we can have better cleaning.

Way 1. Cleaning Toilet Seat With Bleach

Bleach is often considered the best ingredient for washroom cleaning. It is undoubtedly an excellent disinfectant. Also, it serves the purpose of sanitizer. Thereby, it is highly recommended specifically for cleaning the toilet seat.

Steps of cleaning by bleach:

  •     Take 250 grams of bleach in a container
  •     Put this measured bleach around the toilet seat
  •     Now add bleach to a bucket of water and prepare a solution
  •     Remove the toilet seat carefully in the next step. And put the seat in this prepared solution to soak for 20 minutes approx.
  •     After the above step, rub the edges of the toilet seat with the toilet brush. Do it with strong hands until the stain fades away
  •     Constantly repeat both the steps of scrubbing and soaking
  •     Scrub other flushing areas of the toilet also
  •     Next, flush the toilet
  •     At last, rinse everything and towel-dry the toilet seat
  •     Now you are good to go
  •     Do not forget to keep back the toilet seat

 Precaution while bleaching: It can irritate your skin and eyes. So, do it carefully and wear protective gear like gloves, nose guard, and eyewear.

Way 2. Cleaning Toilet Seat With Baking Soda Waste

Bleaching will definitely help in removing stains. However, for better results, baking soda paste is also great to try.

Steps of Cleaning by Baking Soda:

  •     Clean the surface with a germ-killing disinfectant or cleaner
  •     Make a paste of baking soda with 50ml of warm water. And leave this paste for 15 minutes to settle down properly
  •     Put the paste carefully on the stained area and scrub with heavy hands until the stain vanishes. Now, you can rinse with water and towel-dry the toilet seat

Way 3. Cleaning Toilet Seat With Vinegar

Vinegar quickly cleans the stains as it carries organic materials in its composition.

Steps of cleaning with vinegar:

  •     Pour the vinegar on a paper towel
  •     Damp the soaked vinegar paper towel on the toilet seat for 1-hour minimum
  •     Now, scrub the seat with a sponge until the stain goes away

Hope this article is worth it. Now, enjoy the clean and sparkling toilet seat and share your experience with us by commenting below.

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